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Turkey Talk

"Can we talk?"
Turkey Talk - Can We Talk? - Can We Talk Turkey?
"Boy, that blaster virus got my computer bad, and then the other
one, sobig, I almost had it fixed and bam. You wouldn't believe.......those darn
viruses are almost as bad as thanksgiving." :o ~ Bob

"Pick me.........pick me.........I'm the BEST.  ~ Carl

"Where did I leave those wire cutters?"  ~ Bill

"Okay, next time you rob the feed store and I'll drive the getaway car." ~ Rick

"what's for chow" -- or "gobble gobble".  ~ Brendan

"Thanksgiving? What's Thanksgiving? A party? Can I come?" ~ Pam

Help! Let me outa here! ~ Martha

I don’t know what he is saying, but he is dead serious about it!   ~ Robbie

"BALD???? Whadaya' mean I'm bald......" ~ Tno

"Yeah, they make a big deal of us at the fair. You don't want me to tell you what happens after that.."  ~ Linda

"*&%$@*#^%$! Did I just see Ron...???"  ~ Dax

"Shucks, they're pointing a camera at me again, and I didn't even have time
to tidy up my hair." ~ Vic

"Mama!"  ~ Patricia

"Hey, I told you I'm innocent!!" ~ Barbara

"awwwwww. Another ugly human hiding behind a camera." ~ L Roy

"I wuv wuv me ?" ~ Bob